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Mission Hope Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Cancer Rehabilitation and Combating Cancer-Related Fatigue

Cancer-Related Fatigue (CRF) is the most common side effect of cancer treatment and affects nearly 70% of all cancer patients. CRF means more than simple tiredness; It is a daily lack of energy, an unusual or excessive whole-body exhaustion that is not relieved by sleep. It can be acute, lasting a month or less, or chronic, lasting from one month to six months or longer. Even if other aspects of a patient’s cancer treatments are going well, CRF can still prevent normal daily function and significantly impact quality of life.

You have one hundred trillion healthy cells in your body. You haveCancer Related Fatigue more healthy cells in your body than you have or can possibly ever have cancer cells and they respond to exercise. You are the steward of your healthy cells! Just as cancer survivors need exercise to regain strength, cancer patients need exercise to manage energy. When a person exercises, it helps to reduce the downward pull of the treatment related fatigue. Exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, can create a counter force. Definitely, muscles are coming back.

Experts say exercising five days a week is best. Resting too much, even for people without cancer, can cause a loss of fitness. A perfectly healthy person will lose between 1 and 3 percent of their total body strength in a single day at bed rest. According to a recent study, exercise of 3-5 hours per week decreased the cancer recurrence rate by 14% and decreased hospital stays by 30%. This can be done all at once or spaced throughout the day to benefit.

Mission Hope Cancer Center has the only Cancer Rehabilitation Program on the Central Coast of California to help individuals cope with fatigue both during and after treatment. Our unique Cancer Rehabilitation Program provides patients with a personalized individual plan aimed at reducing fatigue and restoring quality of life. The fitness trainer works with each patient to develop an appropriate exercise program to match the level of functioning, and carefully monitors the sessions to ensure that each workout is a safe and successful one. As progress is made, adjustments to the program are made as needed. The program features:

• Research-based, individualized cancer rehabilitation, including a monitored exercise program

• Guidance by experienced physical and occupational therapists who take a personal interest in helping patients improve function and return to an active life

• Access to a safe, comfortable treatment environment

Each patient receives compassionate and focused one-on-one care in a private gym setting that includes activities that are paced for success. If you or a loved one has CRF, this program can help restore the sense of health, energy, and well-being that may be missing. Please call John Malinowski, ATC, CET, at 805.346.3413 to learn more or set up an appointment.