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Digital 3D Breast Tomosynthesis

A new dimension in breast cancer detection

Digital 3D Breast Tomosynthesis

Marian Regional Medical Center’s Breast Imaging Center at Mission Hope Cancer Center is proud to offer the latest breakthrough in three-dimensional mammography—General Electric’s SenoClaire breast tomosynthesis.

Tomosynthesis is a three-dimensional imaging technology that provides a clearer, more accurate view when compared to digital mammography alone. The Marian Breast Imaging Center also recently upgraded its Computer-Aided Detection system software to include a specialized breast density component.

“For the detection of breast cancer, Tomosynthesis is the newest and most advanced breast imaging screening tool that exists,” states Steven Sonnabend, MD, Medical Director of Imaging Services at Marian. “Tomosynthesis takes multiple images of the breast, allowing Marian’s board certified radiologists to see through layers of tissue and examine areas of concern from all angles.”

• Earlier detection of small breast cancers
• Greater accuracy in pinpointing size, shape, and location
• Fewer unnecessary biopsies or additional tests
• Greater likelihood of detecting multiple breast tumors, which occur in 15% of breast cancer patients
• Clearer images of dense breast tissue
• Improved breast cancer detection rates, especially invasive cancers
• A decrease in call backs, which may lessen anxiety for patients

Ensuring patient safety is our top priority. As part of this commitment, we invest in the latest equipment to ensure that our fleet of scanners consistently delivers the lowest radiation dose possible. For an appointment or more information, please contact the Marian Breast Imaging Center at 805.346.3490.