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CoastHills Credit Union and Mission Hope Cancer Center


We make a difference in our neighbors’ lives. That is our vision at CoastHills Credit Union, and it transcends what we do every day for our 63,000 members. It truly drives the commitment we have to all of the communities we serve.

Our staff and volunteers log more than 4,000 hours of community service every year, sleeves rolled up, embedded in just about every community activity one can imagine.

When we were originally made aware of Mission Hope’s vision to serve our local communities, we felt a kinship. The difference they make for their patients is often in terms of life and death. But what has made such a lasting impression on our employees is the heartfelt caring that their incredible staff demonstrates with every life they touch.

Through the CoastHills Community Foundation’s annual fundraising event titled “Rancho Vino,” we raised and donated more than $280,000 to Mission Hope in just four years. On the April 11th Day of Hope, we set a new CoastHills record by raising more than $3,500 peddling papers on the street corners of Lompoc, Vandenberg Village, Nipomo, and Santa Maria.

For CoastHills and Mission Hope Cancer Center, every day is a day of hope. We certainly hope that our efforts to make a difference together will last for days to come.


Honoring Those Who Make a Difference

Digestive Diagnostic Center and Mission Hope Cancer Center collaborated to bringlife-saving information and free screenings to our community

In recognition of March as Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Santa Maria Digestive Diagnostic Center and Mission Hope Cancer Center collaborated to bring life-saving information and free screenings to our community. This is particularly timely because recent statistics for the Central Coast demonstrate stage 3 and 4 colorectal cancers are higher than the national averages.

Due to this concern, in 2014 we started a local campaign to encourage members of our community to get a colonoscopy. Screening rates rose by 7% with our insured population. However, progress in our uninsured underserved communities did not change. By partnering with Santa Maria Digestive Center—Drs. Benipal, Evans, Jahnke, Nastaskin, Vachhani and Hsia—we have provided 47 colonoscopies to those who are unable to afford them with numerous polyp removals and identified five cancers. On the most recent free colonoscopy screening day there were fourteen people tested with one cancer identified and eight people had large polyps removed. Mission Hope believes that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable and strives to bring that lifesaving message to everyone.


Fourth annual Day of Hope fundraiser a big success

View full article on KEYT - April 11, 2017

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A cold, overcast morning that even included a brief rain shower weren't enough to dampen the annual Day of Hope.

Now in its fourth year, the fundraiser held Tuesday in the Santa Maria Valley, as well as Lompoc and Nipomo, directly benefits patients at Mission Hope Cancer Center in Santa Maria.

Once again, community members shined bright, donating thousands of dollars to those in need.

"Everyone is doing this for the right reasons," said volunteer Deb Jeffers, while volunteering on corner of Blosser and Betteravia Roads. "We all want to help our patients here on the Central Coast battle cancer and all of us are doing it for the same reason."

Hundreds of volunteers participating in teams raised money through the sale of $1 special edition Santa Maria Times newspapers.

The Day of Hope was held from 7 a.m. to noon. According to organizers, more than 11,500 papers were sold.


Hundreds of volunteers bring 'Day of Hope' to life

Published on Apr 11, 2017

People all around the Central Coast lined street corners to sell special editions of the Santa Maria Times and the Lompoc Record for "Day of Hope" - a special fundraiser benefiting Mission Hope Cancer Center. Watch this video from Brian Stanley explaining the effort that it takes to make the Day work, and the impact that donations have on local cancer patients being cared for at Mission Hope.


Santa Maria breast cancer survivor shares story ahead of 2017 Day of Hope

View full article on KSBY - April 5, 2017

The biggest cancer research fundraiser of the year in Santa Maria is less than a week away. 

Ahead of the 2017 Day of Hope, one Santa Maria woman is sharing her breast cancer survival story. 

Getting an mammogram has always been a yearly routine for Jeri Vogt. 

"It's a piece of cake, no worries," Vogt told KSBY. "Then when I was 52, it wasn't so good. My doctor said that I had breast cancer."

It was unlucky news on St. Patrick's Day in 2008. 

Usually, getting a mammogram was actually fun for Vogt. 

"My mom and my sister and I all go together. We make it a day, a lunch date and a mammogram date I guess you could call it," she said. 

However, in 2008, Vogt's mother had to schedule a later appointment. 

"My mom, six months later when she caught up with her appointment was diagnosed with breast cancer also and she was 72," Vogt said. 

In the six months prior to her mom's diagnosis, Vogt was already beating her cancer with radiation. 

"We went through it together and now we're nine years out," she said. 

Vogt and her mom are proud breast cancer survivors, who say it's all thanks to regular mammogram screenings. 

"Neither one of us had to have chemo because we found it so early on the mammogram," she said. 

Mission Hope Cancer Center celebrates 5th anniversary

View full article on KEYT - April 5, 2017

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Five years have now passed since cancer treatment on the Central Coast was forever changed. In April 2012, Mission Hope Cancer Center in Santa Maria opened its doors, providing the area with its first fully integrated advanced comprehensive cancer care facility.

"We've been thrilled over the last five years," said medical director Dr. Robert Dichmann. "I think Mission Hope has turned out to be everything we wanted it to be and more, and so we've been able to do a lot for our patients over that time period, which has been great both here in the facility and in terms of the support we've been able to offer them as well."

Dr. Dichmann, who was one of the leading forces in the creation of the 44,000 square-foot, three-story building, is particularly proud the facility is able to offer so many services under one roof, many of which were not available in the area when the center first opened.

"We've been able to make life so much easier for our patients by being able to come for everything in one place, whether that's lab work or their CT scan or the PET scans or radiation treatment or chemotherapy treatment," said Dr. Dichmann.

Day of Hope: Mission Hope Cancer Center celebrates 5-year anniversary

View full article on Santa Ynez Valley News - April 1, 2017

When Dr. Robert Dichmann and Katherine Guthrie imagined the future of cancer care in the Santa Maria Valley, they pictured an all-inclusive center with services from diagnosis through treatment and a vast array of support services all under one roof. Five years after Mission Hope Cancer Center opened its doors, that vision has become reality.

Today, Mission Hope Cancer Center is the only integrated cancer center on the Central Coast.

“The patients constantly come in and say, ‘This has been such a blessing for us.’ That makes it all for us. We’ve made life so much easier for patients. At one stop, they can get labs, scans, surgeons, chemo and radiation. There’s no more running all over the place that gets really hard on you when you’re super anemic and going through chemo,” said Dichmann, founder of Central Coast Medical Oncology, medical director of Marian Cancer Care and chair of Mission Hope’s Tumor Board.

Long-term staff members augment those services with dedication that gives patients peace of mind.

“We’ve been especially blessed because we have an unbelievable staff, many of whom have been with us 20 plus years now. It’s really reassuring to patients to see those same faces,” Dichmann said.

Since its opening in 2012, Mission Hope Cancer Center has diagnosed 5,543 new cancer patients from a service area which stretches from Paso Robles and Morro Bay to Lompoc and the Santa Ynez valleys.

Successful cancer fight and marriage bonds Day of Hope ambassadors

View video on KEYT - Mar 27, 2017
Successful cancer fight and marriage bonds Day of Hope ambassadors

ORCUTT, Calif.