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The Marian PET/CT Center at Mission Hope Cancer Center provides patients with access to one of the most powerful imaging breakthroughs to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat cancer—the Discovery PET/CT 600 scanner, manufactured by GE Healthcare.


Through the merging of two highly advanced imaging technologies, positron emission tomography (PET) and computer tomography (CT), patients’ anatomy and physiology are integrated into a single image. This sophisticated technology is a vital tool used by physicians and specialists to stage cancer that is already diagnosed, to assess a patient’s response to treatment, and to detect the recurrence of cancer.


The scanner’s PET imaging capability identifies cancerous lesions by detecting metabolic activity associated with cancer growth, while the CT technology pinpoints the exact location of the tumor. In addition to detecting lesions as small as 2.0 millimeters, the scanner also features advanced delineation, meaning both cancerous tumors and healthy tissue are clearly identified to safeguard patients from unnecessary radiation exposure.


“At the Marian PET/CT Center, patients are not only provided with world-class imaging services, they also receive personalized care and patients are known by name,” states Steven Sonnabend, M.D., Medical Director, Marian Imaging Services (pictured below). “Although it is essential to provide our patients with the most advanced imaging capabilities, we also believe the care and service delivered is just as important. Often our patients are filled with anxiety, concerned about what might lead to a first-time or recurrence cancer diagnosis. Our staff understands the fears our patients face and treat patients and their families with the dignity and respect they deserve.”


A revolutionary aspect of the PET/CT scanner is its respiratory gating capabilities which allow technicians to see exceptional details with clarity for moving body areas, such as the heart and lungs. By memorizing and overlaying cancerous lesions, the PET/CT scanner detects size and location changes over time, allowing the technology’s treatment planning software to integrate with Mission Hope Cancer Center’s TrueBeam Linear Accelerator for precise radiation therapy treatment.



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