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Mission Hope Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Mission Hope Cancer Rehabilitation Program is Unique to You the Patient

Each cancer diagnosis and treatment plan is as unique as the individual patient. One commonality is the physical toll the disease and treatments place on cancer rehabthe body. The Cancer Rehabilitation Program provides participants with a plan of action to meet their unique situation head on. While treatment for cancer can be very hard on the body, the effects of treatment can be minimized and survivors can again engage in activities that bring joy.

Mission Hope Cancer Center has the only Cancer Rehabilitation Program on the Central Coast of California to help individuals cope with the many symptoms associated with cancer treatments. Patients can benefit from an integrated rehabilitation program during treatment as well as after treatment is completed. Our unique program provides patients with a personalized plan aimed at limiting the side effects that come with treatments and restoring their ability to carry out the daily activities of life to the greatest extent possible. Our certified cancer exercise trainer works with each patient to develop a program tailored to meet his/her particular needs along with help to meet specific goals. Each exercise session is adjusted to match the person’s level of functioning to ensure that progress is achieved in a safe manner.

Cancer Rehabilitation provides treatment that goes beyond medical and surgical treatment options, addressing each patient’s functional needs. The greatest outcomes are possible when rehabilitation is a part of a patient’s full recovery, from the very start and throughout the entire continuum of care. However, a program can be created at any stage of the cancer journey for a patient or survivor in need to improve the quality of life. It’s never too late to begin the program and start seeing results! Left, cancer survivors Jim and Eddye Brown attribute their regained independence and mobility from joining the Cancer Rehabilitation Program.

What to Expect
The Cancer Rehabilitation Program will work with you to develop your personal fitness goals and provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and motivation to reach your goals.

Referred patients each receive:
• Exercise assessment from our Cancer Exercise Trainer.
• Nutritional consultation from our Registered Dietitian.
• Two physical therapy evaluations— one before the exercise starts and one at the end of the program.
• Group exercise consisting of strengthening and toning exercises using resistance bands, body weight exercises, balance exercises and stretching. Personalized equipment training on cardiovascular machines like treadmills, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, or recumbent ellipticals will be matched to your specific functional level.
• Targeted strengthening exercise sessions using weight machines, light dumbbells or other small apparatus will focus on your specific needs.
• Knowledge to help you implement exercise into your life throughout treatment and survivorship.

Are you ready to meet with our certified Cancer Exercise Trainer for your individualized program? It only works if you call! Please schedule your assessment today by calling 805.346.3413.

John MalinowskiOur Cancer Rehabilitation Program is led by John Malinowski, ATC, CET, who has a decade of experience collaborating with a health care team to meet each patient’s objectives. With a BS in Kinesiology and a Masters in Athletic training, he knows how to work safely with people who are in cancer related treatments or have recently ended treatment. Participants always work at their own pace to achieve goals that are right for them. At the same time, they have the opportunity to forge friendships and bond with those in similar situations.

Patients at Mission Hope now have another powerful tool for combating the effects of cancer and its treatment. Please call 805.346.3413 to schedule an assessment. It only works if you call; make your appointment today!