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MultiCare Platinum Prone Breast Biopsy Table

breast biopsy table

The MultiCare™ Platinum prone breast biopsy table offers the latest advances in stereotactic technology making it the ideal system for characterization of calcifications, masses and architectural distortion. Intuitive Cartesian Coordinates help to ensure both accurate targeting (+/- 1 mm) and safe, easy access to most lesions, including the chest wall and axillary regions.

In addition to providing efficient and precise breast biopsy technology, the MultiCare Platinum table also addresses patient care and comfort needs. Hologic has developed the MultiCare Maximum Comfort Package, offering a collection of ergonomically engineered cushions that provide targeted pressure point support for most body types and lesions. Also included are several interchangeable apertures to allow for more customized positioning, providing better access for more efficient procedures. The Maximum Comfort Package also addresses the limitations of the "arm-through" technique by providing a cushion and aperture with wider openings, as well as an arm support system.

Digital Spot Mammography (DSM) offers a wide array of tools for effective targeting and image enhancement. Best of all, the MultiCare Platinum is compatible with most biopsy devices for exceptional performance and compassionate care.