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superDimension® i·Logic™ System- an Advanced and Complete Lung Navigation System

Barry Feldman MD

Barry Feldman, M.D., demonstrates the use of the new superDimension® i·Logic™ System which can detect hard-to-reach lung lesions.

For patients who have a lesion on their lung that is hard to reach or who cannot tolerate a more invasive procedure, Pulmonologists Barry Feldman, M.D., and Robert Hinds, D.O., offer a new procedure called Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB)—a minimally-invasive alternative.

Marian Regional Medical Center is the first in the area to provide the super- Dimension® i·Logic™ System as an option for patients who have a hard-to-reach lesion on their lung. The ENB procedure combines GPS-like technology with a catheter-based system that uses the patient’s natural airways to access lesions that were previously hard to reach. Typically, a patient with a spot on their lung had the options of major surgery to remove a section of the lung, bronchoscopy (which does not reach lesions deep in the lung), needle biopsy, or watchful waiting.

The ENB procedure is typically performed in an outpatient setting and its unique approach may increase the chances that a patient will safely get a diagnosis and begin treatment, if needed. The ENB can also help detect lung disease and lung cancer earlier, sometimes even before symptoms are present.

Two-thirds of all lung lesions are outside the reach of a broncoscope. This new procedure starts where the bronchoscope ends, enabling physicians to navigate to the boundaries of the lungs to locate, enable biopsy, and plan treatment using natural airway access avoiding the need for higher-risk procedures. Many patients diagnosed with lung cancer are not surgical candidates so this new procedure provides safe and efficient access to stage and prepare to treat lung lesions in non-operable patients.