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In the image above, Dr. Barry Feldman, M.D., demonstrates the use of the new superDimension® i·Logic™ System which can detect hard-to-reach lung lesions.


For patients who have a lesion on their lung that is hard to reach or who cannot tolerate a more invasive procedure, Pulmonologists Barry Feldman, M.D., and Robert Hinds, D.O., offer a new procedure called Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB)—a minimally-invasive alternative.


Marian Regional Medical Center is the first in the area to provide the super- Dimension® i·Logic™ System as an option for patients who have a hard-to-reach lesion on their lung. The ENB procedure combines GPS-like technology with a catheter-based system that uses the patient’s natural airways to access lesions that were previously hard to reach. Typically, a patient with a spot on their lung had the options of major surgery to remove a section of the lung, bronchoscopy (which does not reach lesions deep in the lung), needle biopsy, or watchful waiting.


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