Mission Hope Cancer Center

support groups

All the activities listed here are offered to the community FREE of charge, many on a regular monthly basis.


Patient Orientation Class For Mission Hope Patients

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Are you new to the Mission Hope family? A cancer diagnosis often requires navigating an unfamiliar world. You are invited to get to know us and our services so we can take this journey together. A mandatory meeting for cancer patients, families and caregivers.

Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM
By appointment:
Please call 805.219.4673 (English)
Please call 805.346.3406 (Spanish)

* For dates, times and locations, please download our newsletter.

Bereavement Support Group
Providing a safe place to express your feelings and begin working through the grieving process.
Mission Hope Cancer Center
For more information, please call Jenni Davis: 346.3402

Caregiver Support Group
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A forum for people to get together with those who understand their concerns, share helpful strategies, lend support and encouragement.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM

Family Night Support Group
Support group for children with cancer and their families (English/Spanish). Dinner, professional support, art therapy and more. Childcare provided.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM
Reservations required; please call 805.346.3402 (English) or 805.346.3406 (Spanish).

iTHRIVE ® Support Group
An opportunity for our iTHRIVE users to share experiences, tips, information and thoughts about our online wellness program.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM
By Reservation Only; please call 805.346.3469

Journaling Group
For many people, keeping a journal is an easy way to express their feelings and document their journey. Writing about something as stressful and difficult as cancer can be healing.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM
Reservations Required; please call: 805.219.HOPE (4673).

Kids Support Circle
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Coping skills and tools for the kids of parents/ grandparents with cancer. Provides a safe, enjoyable place where children can use art, games, and journals to express their feelings and emotions.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM

Learn Golf!
This support group will utilize three holes of the 12-hole golf course to help our patients and caregivers learn the game with golf professionals in a stress-free manner.
Monarch Dunes, Nipomo
By appointment: please call 805.346.3413

Lymphoma, Leukemia & Multiple Myeloma (LL&MM) (All Blood Cancer Support Group)
Established to help individuals and their families cope with diagnosis, before, during and after treatment.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM

Men’s Cancer Discussion Group
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Important topics related to all cancers, as well as general health care concerns and trends.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM

Men’s Spanish Group • En Español:
Grupo de Apoyo Para Hombres con Cáncer y Sobrevivientes de Cáncer
Cáncer Hombres encargados del cuidado de pacientes con cáncer y familiares (hombres) son bienvenidos. Tome la oportunidad de aprender e intercambiar información relacionada con todos los tipos de cáncer y así como el cuidado de su salud.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM
Favor de llamar para una reservación a 805.346.3406

SPOHNC, Santa Maria (Support for People with Oral, Head and Neck Cancer, Inc.)
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Meetings offer information, support and encouragement to newly-diagnosed patients, survivors, family members and friends.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM

Warm Yarns Knitting and Crocheting Support Group
Crocheting Support Group We will be knitting and crocheting hats for the chemo room and other fun projects. No experience necessary; we have teachers and supplies available.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM

Women’s Support Group
A support group for any woman who is a cancer patient or cancer survivor. Women gather together to share their experiences and support each other throughout their cancer journey.
Mission Hope Cancer Center, SM
Reservations required; please call 805.346.3469