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Mission Hope Social Worker and patient advocates…

are here to help you understand the various types of Advance Care Planning (ACP) documents and options available.They have the tools and the knowledge needed and provide ACP documents free of charge.ACP conversations typically begin with your concerns and questions.This will help you explore goals, values and needs that will assist with your decision-making.

Studies have shown that ACP improves end of life wishes, reduces family stress and anxiety and increases patient and family satisfaction.

Advance Care Planning…

is the process where a person, in consultation with family members, healthcare providers and important others, makes decisions about his or her future health care, in the event he or she becomes incapable of participating in medical treatments. There are many advanced directive formats.Advance health care directives allow you to have legal control over your healthcare treatment in the event that you are unable to speak for yourself.

When completing an advance health care directive you will:

      1) Appoint a healthcare agent or Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare who will have legal authority to make health care decisions for you if you are no longer able to speak for yourself.
      2) You will provide specific written instructions for your future health care in the event of any situation when you can no longer speak for yourself.
A Physician Orders For Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Form …

is another type of advance care planning document. An advance care plan is a form that is a direction from the patient on decision-making. In contrast, a POLST form is a portable medical order for specific medical treatments signed by a physician. POLST forms are appropriate for individuals with serious illness or frailty near the end of life. POLST forms gives seriously ill patients more control over their end of life care. Printed on bright pink paper, and signed by a patient and their physician, POLST can prevent unwanted or ineffective treatments and ensure that the patient’s wishes are followed. A POLST form complements an advance directive in these situations.

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