You’ve Finished Your Treatment, Celebrated And Done The Happy Dance!

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After months of being surrounded by your cancer team, tests, appointments and treatments you are now feeling like you are left to face things on your own. Some people hit the ground running and get fully immersed back into their life others take longer to regain strength after treatment. However, all survivors share the emotional and physical scars cancer can leave behind and the fear of recurrence.

Now it is time to focus on your long-term wellness.


First it is important to obtain a survivorship care plan and follow through with needed follow-ups and recommendations. A survivorship care plan is a record of your cancer and treatment history, as well as any checkups or follow-up tests you need in the future. It may also list possible long-term effects of your treatments, and ideas for staying healthy. A care plan is important. It is a good way for all of your doctors to see what treatments you have had and what follow-ups you need in the future.


Second, it is important to stay healthy in mind and body. Mission Hope Cancer Center strives to help survivors and people actively going through treatment stay healthy by eating right, exercising and attending various kinds of groups and activities. Our free services include navigation, dietitian, exercise, and varied types of groups for social interaction. By subscribing to our newsletter you are able to stay up to date with all of the latest information and technology to help with your journey of recovery.


Third, it is very important to keep your schedule of recommend doctor follow-ups, labs and imaging and to report any new symptoms to your doctors. Follow up care is important because it helps to identify changes in health that can be addressed immediately by your healthcare team. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point and we want you to stay on top of your wellness.

Because we care about your health and wellbeing during and after treatment Mission Hope Cancer Center is excited to provide our patients with the iThrive program. The iThrive plan is an online, personalized, physician approved wellness plan. This program will help you make healthy activities a part of your daily routine. From managing stress to increasing energy, these daily tasks will become second nature.

You can obtain a survivorship care plan for your treatment done at Mission Hope Cancer Center by contacting: Carolyn Woods-Pierce, Survivorship Nurse Navigator at 805-346-3401

Links & Rescources

  • NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE (NCI) : Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment is for people who have completed cancer treatment. Family and friends may also want to read this booklet. [READ MORE]
  • JOURNEY FOWARD : Journey  Forward was developed in response to the 2005 IOM report From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition, which stated that every cancer survivor should receive a Survivorship Care Plan. Our early research confirmed the benefits to patients and healthcare professionals. [READ MORE]