Kevin Ferguson, MD, Pathology

Faxitron technology streamlines the surgery process for cancer patients through the assessment of tumor spread.

At Marian Regional Medical Center, physicians and medical professionals are continuously working to further improve the cancer care experience for patients by offering the latest in cancer diagnostics. As part of the Marian Foundation’s vision to ensure excellent medical care for future generations, the Foundation recently invested in one such technological breakthrough: the Faxitron PathVision Pathology Specimen Radiography System.

The Faxitron PathVision system is the industry’s latest and most advanced specimen radiography system featuring the largest field of view and highest resolution for evaluating laboratory specimens. Producing high-resolution digital images in a matter of seconds, the Faxitron system determines the exact location of cancer and the extent of the disease—all during surgery. Access to immediate results of the potential spread of cancer allows for modifications to be made during a patient’s initial surgery, improving clinical outcomes and decreasing the likelihood for additional surgeries to be needed in the future.
Kevin Ferguson, M.D., Medical Director of Pathology and President of Medical Staff at Marian, explains, “With the Faxitron system Marian’s laboratory is able to offer improved assessment of tumor spread at the time of surgery. The end result is more efficient and precise analysis of tumor resection specimens.”

Currently, the sophisticated Faxitron technology is the only one of its kind on the Central Coast and is recognized for its effective use in testing breast cancer specimens, although it can be used to radiograph a wide range of specimens.
“The recent acquisition of the Faxitron technology is an example of how Marian’s diagnostic services are continuing to grow and expand,” adds Dr. Ferguson. “This technological investment, and advanced technologies to come, will allow Marian to continue recruiting subspecialists, to offer more services and to provide a level of care equal to major academic medical institutions.”

Questions about the faxitron and how it works?

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