Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations by American Society of Breast Surgeons

Monica Rocco, MD, Breast Surgical Oncology

When should you start planning?

All women age 25-30 should undergo risk assessment with their doctor

Mission Hope’s Take: Get an action plan to follow early on to be proactive and decrease anxiety. Knowledge is power. Find out your estimated risk of breast cancer

When should you begin having mammograms and how often?

Women with average risk (from your risk assessment) should start annual 3D mammograms at age 40. Women with average risk but high breast density (C/D) should discuss the need for additional imaging like ultrasound or MRI with their doctor.

Women with a higher than average risk from a pathogenic mutation such as BRCA or prior chest wall radiation should begin annual breast MRI at age 25, and annual 3D mammogram at age 30

Women with a lifetime risk greater than 20% by a risk model or a strong family history should have annual 3D mammogram and possible MRI at age 35 or as recommended by their physician

Mission Hope’s Take: We know regular screening saves lives but everyone is different in what that means to them. Talk to your doctor about your health history and your concerns. Use this chart to figure out where you fall and what you need. Be your own best advocate

What guidelines should you follow if you have a personal history of breast cancer?

Woman 50 or older with a history of breast cancer, non-dense breasts and have not had a mastectomy should have annual 3D mammography

Women younger than age 50 with a history of breast cancer and dense breasts should have annual 3D mammography with possible supplemental imaging as directed by your physician.

Mission Hope’s Take: If you have a history of breast cancer your cancer doctors will discuss and order what is the best imaging for you. Always keep that discussion going during your continued survivorship

When should you stop having mammograms?

Women can stop mammograms when life expectancy is less than 10 years

Mission Hope’s Take: Always discuss this with your doctor

Have questions about breast screening? Need help getting an appointment?

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